I am trying to compile a small application that requires libusb on an
Angstrom installation. I am running into trouble not finding usb.h.
My suspicions are that I need libusb-dev installed but I don't see
that as an available package for Angstrom.

What are my options at this point? Cross compile on a host or am I
not looking in the right place for the usb.h file?

Any help is mucho appreciated.

Not get any response on this. For the interested or uninitiated, I
looked into the libusb-dev package and it seems that it only really
adds usb.h and a bunch of documentation so am going to try copying
usb.h from my Ubuntu to my Angstrom/BeagleBoard and see if I can get
things to compile.

I'll post my results when I'm done.

- I copied usb.h from a 10.4 Ubuntu installation to /usr/include on
- I created a symbolic link for the ln -s /usr/lib/

I hop this helps somebody.