USB HDD unwanted partition creation at boot BBB RevC

Hy, I have a BBB rev C with Debian Image 2014-05-14.

I plugged one of my USB HDD 500 GiB with some music and other things in, and i booted my BBB in stand alone mode.

The Problem : I was looking for the mounting point, but didn’t found. So back to Windows, I plugged my drive and didn’t understand because I didn’t found my HDD as I known it until I discover that my BBB was not connected to my PC and so the HDD I had with “BeagleBone Getting Started” Name was my HDD. A quick look at the partitions and I found my drive in virtually unrecoverable state with 2 partitions :

  • 1st Name : BEAGLE_BONE, Size 96 MiB, Type FAT, Sain (Active, Main) (Mounted by windows has the drive i saw containing the getting started HTML pages and drivers)
  • 2nd No Name, Size 1.57 GiB, Type EXT3, Sain(Main) (detected and mounted by Ext2Fsd : it contain the Linux File System).
  • 464.1 GiB Not allocated

For information Windows refuse any modification of the partitions except to remove it.

So if I well interpret what I see, I think that My BBB have backed-Up his eMMC in my drive reformatting it at his willing !!!

So Now my questions :

  • Is anyone knowing how to recover my old data ? Without much hope !!!
  • How to remove this Auto Backup on the USB Drive ?