USB Host (EHCI) not working under Beagledroid

I have downloaded the SD.gz and dd'ed it onto an SD card and
succesfully booted Android on my BB revC3.

However, I have a problem. Nothing I plug into the USB Host port
works. It seems it doesn't even have voltage going to it, and there
are no kernel messages saying that anything was plugged in.

So, I got Angstrom demo for the BB (kernel 2.6.28), booted it... and
presto! I found out it was not bad hardware as Angstrom succesfully
added my Hub, keyboard, and mouse.

Then, I took the Angstrom kernel source, made sure Angstrom booted
with it and USB still worked, added ASHMEM (from android 2.6.29
kernel) and booted android with the EXACT same kernel and USB Host
does not work AT all.

Can anyone please help me with this? I'm at a loss as to why this is
now not working... I'm starting to think ASHMEM is to blame... but
that makes no sense to me....