USB Hub not working

There are a few things to consider:

  1. Do you have an FTDI cable? If you can shell into the machine while it is running via FTDI, you can check whether the /dev/input/mouse0 file exists in the file system. When you plug in a mouse, this file will appear. If it appears, it is supported by the kernel. You can “cat” out the /dev/input/eventX file associated with the mouse (probably event0), move the mouse, and see if you have any output.

  2. Plug the mouse directly into the host port and try that. If that works, THEN plug in a hub and then plug the mouse into the hub. Use a powered external hub, if possible.

  3. Like Gerald said, plug everything in before starting the system up. Kernel support for external USB hubs connected to the host port are still a bit flaky at the moment.