USB hub not working


I have a strange problem - I used to have a beaglebaord setup with a belikin hub, keyboard, mouse and belkin usb to ethernet hub. I had both Angstrom and Ubuntu Karmic working fine. I then gave the beaglebaord and bits to someone else who used it for a it and lost the sd cards I setup.

I have setup Ubuntu Lucid (the instructions for Karmic are no longer there) and Angstrom and they work well but I cannot get the USB hub working - no mouse, keyboard or USB hub - I can only communicate with the serial cable which is a bit painful! It is as if the USB port (not the OTG one but the ‘normal’ one) is ignored but in the boot message it does say USB hub found - it is just taht eth devices are not reponding. Is there something I need to do on the new Ubuntu and/or Angstrom reference image to make the USB port work and I just go lucky last time? Alternatively is there something I can do to trace the problem down more. If it helps I have printed the bootup sequence below.

Any help greatly appreciated - thanks.

Both your MLO and u-boot are really old, try using the ones from


Thanks - that fixed it.