USB hub won't work . . .

Hello All,

I’ve just begun to get to know my new Beaglebone Black and am very frustrated due to the fact that I can not get any USB hub to work. It does not matter if the hub is non powered or self powered. If I plug the wifi dongle for my keyboard / touchpad directly into the USB Host Port, then the device works fine. However, if I plug the dongle into any USB hub, and I have tried three different ones: one not powered and two self powered, the device will not work.

So I am asking, any ideas? I wrote to Matt Richardson who referred me to this forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for support.

Respectfully, Robert Ackerfield

Hi Robert.

I've been using a few different kinds of hubs with the host port on
the bbb for some time now without any issues. Cable issue from the
host port to the hub or are you trying with alternate cables?


Hi Robert;

First of all you will need a powered hub if you are using a wifi dongle.
There is a list of compatible wifi dongles available.

Second, the hub should be powered up BEFORE the BBB is booted.
I am currently running two memory sticks and a usb sound card from an unpowered 4 port hub
from a local dollar store.


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