USB mass storage on BeagleBone shown as mass storage under Windows


I have a normal white BeagleBone with Debian and I’m trying to show a USB mass storage, which is connected to the BB, as mass storage, if I connect the BB to a PC.
At the moment, if I connect it to a PC, there is only a small part of the BB shown as mass storage (/boot/uboot/). This part has only about 80 mb. My aim is to show a on the BB mounted USB mass storage on the PC.

I already managed to mount the USB device on the BB, than mount an image on the device an show this image under a linux distribution. If I do the same with a windows PC, it fails to install the drivers and nothing is shown.

And there is another problem: I don’t have admin rights so I’m not allowed to install any software or drivers because it’s a PC from my company. On the BB I could do everything.

Can somebody please help me or give some advice?

Thx a lot

My first guess would be that Windows is not able to read the Linux file system, and that it recognizes the uboot part because it is FAT, which can be read by both Windows and Linux. I don’t know if there are any utilities that allow Windows to read “foreign” (non-Windows) file systems, but that may be what you want.

The "partition" shown over the usb interface is defined in:



So if you want to pass a usb flash drive, use: file=/dev/sda1


Solved :slight_smile:
Thx !!!