USB MOUSE & KEYBOARDs are not working with my Beagle board...

Hi All,

We have ported all android changes on Linux 2.6.39 kernel. When we
connect the USB Mouse & Keyboards, these are not working with
BeagleBoard. So i think i need to enable few flags related to USB
mouse & keyboards.

So can anybody pleaase let me know what flags i need to enable to make
these usb Mouse & keyboards work on my beagle board setup.



i am no expert but i read this could be u-boot.

somewhere it been said the new kernel expects uboot to set up the

try out diffenrent u-boot images. if you get it working can you post
the answer as alot of people have the same problem.


hi again.

also try the following link

something about shorting pins on the usb otg connector.

if it works let us know. I do not have my board with me so i can not




My system is now working.

I had to buy a USB2 hub. plug this into the USB A connector on the C2
version beagleboard. Angstrom now rocks. Yah.


Try connecting the powered hub containing the KB and mouse while
booting (insert as soon as you see the android_ test on the LCD)
Sanjeev Kumar Verma