USB Not Working

I am not able to see the Beagle Bone Blue as a mass storage device or USB Network; I’ve tried it on a Win7 PC and a Mac with OSX Sierra. I followed the “Getting Started” guide; installed the latest image (Debian 9.2 2017-10-10 4GB SD IoT) from and loaded the indicated drivers.

Any advice on what I should try next? I’d like to have USB Network available as a backup to WiFi.



  • Have you tried a different USB cable?

  • Can you boot the Win7 PC with an Ubuntu LiveCD (or LiveUSB) and try it from the Ubuntu OS?

I have not! It’s the simple stuff that escapes us! I’ll buy a new cable and report back on the results. Thanks for the suggestion.


Ok, bought a pack of new cables and I now have USB network and mass storage. I was using a cable that came with some Bluetooth headsets. It charges the headsets fine, but I guess the data lines don’t work or are not even present. Thanks again for the help.