USB only connected needs Time , Date, nameserver also device icon not shown on Ubuntu

I just started with the Pocket Beagle after many years with Black first and later Green in Phidias LLC 3D printer.
Previously I had Ethernet connection so I could get time with a command after logging in.

I changed the host name to coolpbb to differentiate from the 3D printers beaglebone.

I added the coolpbb to /etc/hosts to avoid confusion as well
I will test when both beagles are on the same laptop then later when routed through to LAN and WAN.

For now with Pocket Beagle I set date manually.
date --set 2018-05-22
then wait for exact second on host panel before pressing return
date --set 07:20:10

First question, what would be the exact commands for the USB only network name service and sharing ?

Ideally I would want it to get the time automatically at boot without adding any hardware such as RTC.

I want the host Ubuntu Studio laptop to serve the time and package manager to the USB only connected Pocket Beagle.
Is this possible once networking is configured it will allow adding NTP package ?

Next question is why doesn’t the autorun.inf line pointing to Docs/beagle.ico work on Ubuntu Studio 18.04 ?

Next, where is the directory seen on host found when on the ssh command line login to debian at coolpbb.local ?

Thanks in advance to all who rightfully help but a pox on those who guess incorrectly !

Lee T. Davy
Linux since 1995 on Red Hat V2.0 and DEC Alpha 64 Multia
Ubuntu Studio since 2016.04 on System 76 Lemur

Beaglebone Black since 2014
Beaglebone Green since 2016
PocketBeagle since May 2018