I have Beagle Rev B5 board. I have connected USB mouse to the beagle board
to test the USB host capability. To configure Beagle board as USB host, I
have shorted Pin 4 and Pin 5 of USB OTG (ID pin is connected with GND). But
when I run the diagnostic software, the diagnostic application is not able
to capture the mouse event. Please find my test approach as follows:

1. Shorted Pin 4 (ID) and pin 5 (GND) of USB OTG
2. Connected USB hub to the board. (external power is given to hub)
3. Connected USB mouse to the board.
4. Power on the board.
5. Invoked the command 'evtest /dev/input/event0'


1. In 'dmesg', I could not find the details of USB mouse.
2. When the 'evtest' command is executed, it shows vendor and product id as
0x00. This confirms that the Beagle has not recognized the USB mouse.
3. With this set-up, I have connected the beagle board to Windows Desktop, I
have not seen "Device Name: Linux USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget." This confirms
that the USB is configured as host.

I would like to know whether the Beagle board Rev B5 work as host controller
and it can communicate with USB devices like mouse, Ethernet etc.Pls help me
in resolving this issue.


1. I have successfully tested USB OTG as peripheral. I have followed the
instructions mentioned in


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Hi Maniyan,

I'm doubt if the obserbation 3 is correct. Basically when you
configure Beagle as the HOST, it should not be connected to the PC
which is also a HOST. This can cause both the hosts to drive 5V on
VBUS and potentially damage the system. Someone can correct me if i am