USB port not working on my BeagleBone Black


I booted my BeagleBone Black A5B with Raring Ubuntu 13.04. I used the image from:

I followed the steps from the using the sd_setup script. Then I was able to install OpenCV, OpenNI,and PrimeSense Kinect Driver.
When I plugged in the Kinect, the board did not read it and the Kinect did not power on. I tried __*lsusb*__ and it was not reading the Kinect. 
Then __d*mesg | tail*__ gave me the following : 
*[ 5981.901031]  gadget: sending command-failure status*

After this I tried to connect my logitech webcam. The board did not read as well, so then I rebooted the board with with the camera plugged in the 
usb port. Once it booted the camera was recognized. I then tried the same with the Kinect, but it still did not turn on the Kinect camera. After that I 
tried using a USB splitter, more specifically a " 7-in-1 Card Reader with USB HUB". In order the USB Hub to work, I had to reboot with it plugged in, 
I then connected the Kinect to this and it turned on. Also _**lsusb**_ showed the Kinect was working. So I tried running an OpenNI sample program but it would fail saying the Kinect was not connected.

So is there something wrong with my USB port? My driver? Also do I need to reboot the board with a device plugged in for it to read it?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced! 

What you describe is the way it works. You have to have the device or a Hub plugged in on power up for it to be recognized.


Oh okay. I suspected that was the case, but I still do not understand why the board does not work with the Kinect connected to the bone directly. Do you have any idea why this is happening?



Hello Isaac,

I have the Kinect running on my Beaglebone using a powered USB hub. I’m not sure if that’s why you’re having the problem or not; I actually ran across your post while researching if the powered USB hub is necessary when connecting the Kinect to the BB since I want to get the whole setup mobile on batteries or something.

The USB hub that I’m using is Belkin model#: F4U040.


Hey brian smith have u worked on kinect after connecting into beagle bone… ?? my kinect s recognized by the BBB … wat should i do after tat