usb port problem : C3 board

Problem statement:
Aim: To connect a usb camera and make it work in the beagleboard.
Board used: Beagleboard Rev C3.
Addl hardware/sw: Minicom and connectors; powered and normal usb hubs.
External 5V power supply. A cheap webcam
Kernel tried: Almost all. Different uboot configurations, different
                        I could make the camera working with gspca
drivers and only once I could capture images.
Now the board detect the USB Camera/Hub and will give message "device
disconnected " after which nothing is getting detected.
But if I power off and connect a netgear usb wlan device; it is
getting detected and is working fine.

Currently I am using dump image from Angstrom linux (2GB) which I
copied using dd. contains the dmsg log after connecting
Any help ?