USB ports not working

I have recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my BegleBoard-xm. Shortly after booting up, the USB ports stop working (mouse/keyboard). I’ve searched the forums for potential solutions but have not come across a solution that works. Any ideas?

It's either kevent2, or sprz319-erratum-2.1.. hook up a serial cable
and log the serial output... It'll spam either error to dmesg...


Thanks for the quick response. I don’t have access to a serial cable at the moment but would like to try out the patch for the sprz319-erratum-2.1. After looking into both of the possible errors, I believe I am facing the sprz319-erratum error because the usb ports crash after a few minutes of several processes running (internet/terminal/other programs) simultaneously. Considering the fact that I’ve never applied a patch to a kernel before, would it be possible if you could provide some details as to how I may go about doing that? Any help would be great.

Rebuild the v3.7.x branch:

With this line uncommented..



./tools/ to update your sd card...