USB Power

Hello all,

     I am curious if BeagleBoard-xM can receive all required power
from the side USB ports from an LCD monitor.

If I understand your question correctly the answer to that is no. Those are HOST port. Host ports supply power, not consume power. The only way to power the board from USB is the OTG port.


Are you asking if the USB ports from a LCD monitor can power the BeagleBoard-xM? If so, then the answer to that is maybe. As long as they can deliver the full 500mA you should be OK, but I have no way to answerr that not knowing what those USB ports on the monitor you are referring to can deliver.


Some LCD monitors provide a USB host port used to connect to controllers or USB flash drives with pictures or videos. If such ports comply with or exceed USB requirements, it would be possible to create a software image on the BeagleBoard-xM that would allow it to function and even operate as a USB flash drive or other USB device. You must be careful not to turn on too much in the system such that the power consumption would exceed the current provided. It is recommended to disable the USB hub and the DVI-D transmitter as well as to enable CPU frequency scaling.