USB Problems - Could not flush host TX0 fifo: csr: 000a

I'm using 2.6.29-omap1 Thu Jun 18 04:02:19 CEST 2009 armv7l GNU/Linux
on a B7 beagle board ( Built via the angstrom
I'm having lots of USB driver faults with this error.

[ 1066.861663] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[ 1066.866333] WARNING: at drivers/usb/musb/musb_host.c:122
[ 1066.874542] Could not flush host TX0 fifo: csr: 000a
[ 1066.879547] Modules linked in: bsd_comp sha1_generic ppp_mppe
ppp_async ppp_generic slhc mcs7830 ircomm_tty ircomm irda option
[ 1066.891998] [<c04249f0>] (dump_stack+0x0/0x14) from [<c005e47c>]
[ 1066.900360] [<c005e414>] (warn_slowpath+0x0/0x9c) from [<c02e6328>]
[ 1066.909576] r3:00000000 r2:c05309b2
[ 1066.913177] r7:d80ab102 r6:ffffffff r5:0000000a r4:0000000a
[ 1066.918914] [<c02e6294>] (musb_h_tx_flush_fifo+0x0/0xd4) from
[<c02e7034>] (musb_cleanup_urb+0xd8/0x124)
[ 1066.928497] [<c02e6f5c>] (musb_cleanup_urb+0x0/0x124) from
[<c02e76fc>] (musb_urb_dequeue+0x144/0x174)
[ 1066.937896] [<c02e75b8>] (musb_urb_dequeue+0x0/0x174) from
[<c02c4120>] (unlink1+0xb8/0xc4)
[ 1066.946319] [<c02c4068>] (unlink1+0x0/0xc4) from [<c02c4910>]
[ 1066.954833] r8:c7dcdd1c r7:fffffffe r6:c7d59940 r5:60000013
[ 1066.961639] [<c02c48b8>] (usb_hcd_unlink_urb+0x0/0x74) from
[<c02c558c>] (usb_kill_urb+0x50/0xf0)
[ 1066.970581] r7:00001388 r6:c7d59940 r5:00000000 r4:00000000
[ 1066.976318] [<c02c553c>] (usb_kill_urb+0x0/0xf0) from [<c02c6930>]
[ 1066.985260] r7:00001388 r6:c7d59940 r5:00000000 r4:00000000
[ 1066.990997] [<c02c68b0>] (usb_start_wait_urb+0x0/0xac) from
[<c02c6b44>] (usb_control_msg+0xc8/0xec)
[ 1067.000213] r8:00000002 r7:00000082 r6:00000000 r5:c7ebba40
[ 1067.006988] [<c02c6a7c>] (usb_control_msg+0x0/0xec) from
[<c02c6cf8>] (usb_clear_halt+0x5c/0x90)
[ 1067.015869] [<c02c6c9c>] (usb_clear_halt+0x0/0x90) from
[<bf00d89c>] (option_open+0x9c/0x168 [option])
[ 1067.025299] r7:c7d641a0 r6:00000003 r5:c7d61ae0 r4:c7d61460
[ 1067.031005] [<bf00d800>] (option_open+0x0/0x168 [option]) from
[<bf0021e8>] (serial_open+0x114/0x180 [usbserial])
[ 1067.041412] [<bf0020d4>] (serial_open+0x0/0x180 [usbserial]) from
[<c01ffa44>] (tty_open+0x2cc/0x3e0)
[ 1067.050750] [<c01ff778>] (tty_open+0x0/0x3e0) from [<c00bd1a4>]
[ 1067.059020] [<c00bd06c>] (chrdev_open+0x0/0x158) from [<c00b87f4>]
[ 1067.067718] r8:c780aea0 r7:00000000 r6:c00bd06c r5:c7cc2400
[ 1067.074493] [<c00b86bc>] (__dentry_open+0x0/0x250) from
[<c00b89ec>] (nameidata_to_filp+0x4c/0x64)
[ 1067.083526] [<c00b89a0>] (nameidata_to_filp+0x0/0x64) from
[<c00c5e34>] (do_filp_open+0x388/0x7ec)
[ 1067.092590] r5:c7dcded8 r4:00000000
[ 1067.096191] [<c00c5aac>] (do_filp_open+0x0/0x7ec) from [<c00b8570>]
[ 1067.104705] [<c00b8514>] (do_sys_open+0x0/0x150) from [<c00b869c>]
[ 1067.112792] [<c00b8678>] (sys_open+0x0/0x28) from [<c003be80>]
[ 1067.121154] ---[ end trace dabf8c1a6fea19b0 ]---

I cant narrow down the cause, I have 3 devices USB to ETH, USB to
serial and a USB 3G Stick, It happens randomly when I am using the Usb
to Ethernet or the USB to Serial and the Error report is consistent.
After getting that error the only thing i can do to get back control
over the USB devices is a sw reboot or "echo host > /sys/devices/
platform/musb_hdrc/mode" which seems to force re-enumeration.

Can anyone help?


Forgot to say I am using a Powered USB hub


I am also facing the similar problem.

In my case, it is usb keyboard, usb mouse and logitech usb webcam.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi folks!

Has anybody solved this problem? I'm also having this error at the
moment using a USB camera behind a USB hub (powered) on the OTG port
of the Overo Gumstix board (Tobi extension).

Any suggestions?