USB problems on Rev C (not sure which revision)

I just received my first BBB Rev C a few weeks ago and am having some problems with powered USB hubs. First of all I’m trying to determine which revision of Rev C the board is. The sticker just says ‘C’ with no number. Does this indicate it’s a C1?

I need to run both a webcam and a USB WiFi module (RTL8192cu.) Both the webcam and WiFi module work great if plugged directly into the USB Host port one at a time. In addition, if I use the powered USB hub with the WiFi module it still works great. But if I plug in the webcam to the USB port (by itself or along with the WiFi) i get no access to it.

I can plug in other devices (i.e. a DVB SDR, or a thumb drive) along with the WiFi module and it still works. It just seems to be the webcam that puts it over the top.

I am powering the BBB with a 2.5a wall wart, and the USB hub is being powered with a 2.0a wall wart (switching.) I’m pretty sure there is plenty of power. Maybe it’s noisy? How do I start to debug this?

There is only one Rev C board. Rev C is the version of the board. The sticker saying Rev C indicated Rev C. Not REV C1 which does not exist.


Sounds like that webcam requires almost all the usb bandwidth.
Remember usb is a shared bus. Find a different webcam.