USB problems: start-up, mouse, WLAN

Can somebody please help with diagnosing the following three problems?

Distro: Angstrom
Build: Linux version 2.6.28-omap1 (build@debian) (gcc version 4.3.1
(GCC) ) #3 Tue Feb 3 11:53:45 GMT 200
Hardware: B7

1) After a short amount of use my mouse stops working. The following
message is logged:


Do you have a self-powered USB hub, i.e., one with its own external
power supply? I had problems similar to yours when I was trying to
power my USB hub from the BeagleBoard, which only sources 100mA.

The OTG USB comments in the BeagleBoard FAQ may be
helpful. There are also some USB comments in the BeagleBoard wiki

Hi John,
No I have a powered hub with a 1.5A power supply. I have the
beagleboard powered by a seperate 5V 650mA P/S.
Thanks for the links.