USB to Ethernet adaptor

Hi guys,

I intend to get a USB to ethernet adaptor but im not sure if it will
work. May i ask which brand you guys use and what are the commands
needed for angstrom to detect the device?

Thanks a lot

I had problems with 2 different UA0025C, USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter
form Logilink. I would try that one again.

The one that I have been using is this following one:
USB zu LAN Adapter RJ45 10/100 Mbit Netzwerk Ethernet

There is no brand written on it but it never gave me a problem. I
don't know where you are but I have bought it in the Ebay Germany:

All of them should work out of box. But you might have to enable the
driver in the kernel.

I have an unnamed one with DaviCOM chip

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I use a belkin make and it worked fine.



I'm using the Apple USB Ethernet adapter (
product/MB442Z/A) and it works fine with asix kernel module.



I use an EMINENT EM1010 without problem.
It's only 10 euro. :wink:

DLink DUB-E100

Checkout this provides an overview of
USB devices used in Linux. It will tell you what does work and which

After fitting the extra capacitor to the C3 board I used to have frequent dropouts of the AMDtek, Inc. AN8515 USB ethernet. I had a Wifi dongle also connected to the 7-port hub then, since giving that away the ethernet dropouts have ceased.