USB video capture


I'm looking for a USB video capture board to acquire a PAL video stream
with Beagle Board. Then I'd like to draw on it in order to make an OSD.

Do you know any USB video capture board that will work under Linux? Of
course I need to interface my C++ application with its own driver.


I've used a Hauppauge wintv pvr usb2 in the past with much successs.
Not sure if it is still sold though.
This one has a hardware mpeg2 encoder. linux drivers are in the
Capturing the stream is just a matter of
cp /dev/video0 yourfile.mpg
controlling can be done via /sys

Note: if you are going to search for this device, make sure you get
the pvr version (orange box)
there is also a wintv usb2 device (
products/data_usb2.html). This is NOT the device I am referring to as
this one does not have the hw mpeg encoder. Go for the PVR version!
(this one:

Have fun, frans