USB Wifi Dongle in USB Hub Causes BBB Board Crash (even though Hub is powered)


I have been trying to get a wifi dongle to connect to the internet, but have been having issues with my board powering off when the dongle turns on.

What I have tried: I’ve tried using two different powered USB hubs. The first has a 5V 2A power supply, and the second has a 5V 4A supply. I have gotten the dongle to work under Angstrom distribution (for both hubs) by plugging in the hub with the dongle attached and powering on the board (after I had configured the wifi settings to work properly). The board would crash 2 or 3 times, but I would reset the board after each crash and eventually the dongle would turn on and connect to my wifi without issue. With the Debian distribution, the board will crash each bootup. To be more specific, the onboard LEDs stop flashing and LED 2 remains solid.

My question is this: why is the dongle overdrawing the Beagleone when I have it attached to a powered hub? Is there a better hub for this application?

Thanks for the help,