USB wifi dongle supports AP/manage

I'm trying set up th beagle board as an access point using a USB
dongle. Can any one recommend one? Or working one?

i struggled with this a year or so ago. there are only a few usb chipsets
that work as an access point but the problem is manufacturers
are always changing designs. so you see a post where the XYZ
works but when you buy one the vendor/product ids have changed
(new chipset) and they don't work (they work fine as clients usually)

maybe the situation is better now.

here's the table of working chipsets; you want AP mode and USB.

if you find one please let us/me know :slight_smile:

if you find one please let us/me know :slight_smile:

Yes, I saw the same table. That is what I'm struggling with buying a
USB dongle with beagle board or buying a pandaboard with TI chip set.
It indicates the TI chip set can work AP mode. Was hoping some has
tried this to help not buying HW that does not work...

Found my answer..