USB WIFI dongle


I,ve been reading previous post on USB WIFI for beagleboard but
they're kind of outdated. Do you know any new dongles that works with
the latest revision of the beagleboard (rev.C)? I need your help!
Thanks in advance!


I recently bought the cheap Sweex LW053 (54Mbit,G) and it worked very

I have a rev C3 board. It is based on a Ralink RT2571WF and works with
the rt73 drivers.
I am running ångström so I only needed to download the rt73 drivers.


You, can use Airlink USB WiFI Dongle AWLL 3028 with Realtek 8187
But for that you will have to make some changes in the source files in
android build directory.
the list of file that are to be modified is given at this link.

Some files do not open but i can post the recent updated document.
Also here in wifi.c :
instead of zd1211rw chipset use rtl8187 in the changes listed at the
above link.

As well as in init.rc , make changes so that android uses wlan0
interface instead of tiwlan0.
Also you will have to add few lines of code in init.rc to start wifi

If you r willing to go for Airlink USB Wifi dongle i can send u the
changes that are necessary.

Ashwin Raut