USB WiFi fails on reboot

Hi all,

I have the following hardware:

BeagleBone Black
Belkin 4 port powered hub [1]
4A PSU [2]
Y splitter [3]
Huawei 3G modem [4]
TP-Link WiFi adapter [5]

I’m using this Ubuntu image:

So the Bone and the hub are both powered from the 4A power adapter via a splitter cable. When I plug the PSU into the wall, the Bone boots, and all is fine. However, if I issue a reboot command, when the Bone comes back up I cannot detect the WiFi adapter (but the modem is present). If I poweroff, and unplug+replug, then all is fine again.

Any idea how I can rectify this?


How do you reboot?
init 6
shutdown -h now