USB Wifi & Ubuntu

Hi All!

I'm newbie in the beagleboard.
I've installed ubuntu, and insert RT73 (after another Ralink) chipset based wifi.
Consol said unsupported device. (both of them)

How can I make to work them?

Is it possible to download image which support usb wifi, or I have to build my own kernel?


Hi Arnold,

Can you provide a full dmesg dump on with the RT73 device
already plugged into a usb hub before power up?

it is enabled in the 2.6-stable branch (2.6.31.x) CONFIG_RT73USB=y


Hi Robert!

(At this moment I cannot copy a dump -> tomorrow)
Yes, plugged before PWR UP!

Precompiled kernel / rootfs dowloaded from
Maybe is this a problem?


Nah, just not enough testing and it might need some type of firmware...

I didn't have a rt73 based module so i just picked on up on amazon.

On other user was able to get this device to work:

Make sure you have "linux-firmware" installed, which both demo image
do have, and issue a "sudo ifconfig -a" to get the wlan0 interface to
show up..


rt73.bin Linux firmware installed. /located: lib/firmwares/

I typed:

sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "ssid"
sudo ifconfig wlan0 up
sudo dhclient wlan0

But nothing... after dhclient I cannot see any activity on USB's LEDs...

Any idea? Thanks in advance,