usb0 connection reconnect bugs

   I am trying to stabilize network connection I have created using
the usb gadget called usb0. In normal operation everything works great
and I am able to communicate over the connection, however there are a
bugs in a few places that I need help figuring out. The problem is
that the ip address of the host PC gets lost in certain circumstances.
On a linux host PC it gets lost on resetting the Beagle, by
disconnecting and reconnecting the usb connection on the host side,
and by disconnecting and reconnecting on the Beagle side. On a Vista
PC the connection gets lost on resetting the Beagle and by
disconnecting and reconnecting on the host side of the usb connection.
I would like to have a more stable and robust connection that will
consistently reconnect after these events. I understand a lot of
these problems may be due to the fact that the Beagleboard has a USB
OTG connection that requires a pin be grounded in order that it work
as a device, and that the host does not have USB OTG so it is unable
to ground this pin. Does anyone have any experience with this?


Also on a linux PC, if you disconnect and reconnect the USB connection
on either side it reconnects for 3-4 seconds but then is lost again.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I could use the help and I
would like to avoid doing some kernel hacking...


I am no expert in the BeagleBoard arena, but I can offer my experience.

My experience is this: usb0 is reliable when not put under stress.
Specifically, NFS always had a knack for causing the usb0 connection
to collapse. Running wget to download something at 350KB/s was
definitely not stressful for the connection.

I would suggest, if you're trying to remotely mount certain
file-systems across USB, to keep everything local until the USB
networked gadget mode gets stabilized.