usb0 persistent net rules debian wheezy

Hi all,

I’ve a BBB running debian wheezy.

There are entries in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net-rules for the wired ethernet (eth0) and my USB wifi adapters but there isn’t one for the usb0 ethernet gadget on the OTG / mini port. I need to add a persistent net rule for this interface because other USB devices I have connected assume usb0 on boot so interfere with the configuration of other stuff - dnsmasq, /etc/network/interfaces etc.

I want the usb OTG port on the BBB to always be usb0 and any additional devices I add to take usb1…N …or any other naming scheme providing the OTG ethernet gadget always has the same name!

I’ve tried to add a persistent rule for the usb OTG ethernet port but can’t get it working. I expect this is because the MAC address of that interface seems to be randomly allocated on boot; every time I boot the MAC is different making it difficult to uniquely identify the usb OTG gadget in the persistent rules file.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this? I presume I need to either make the interface MAC consistent across reboots or make a rule that to assign the interface’s name that isn’t dependent on the MAC address but still uniquely IDs it. I’m struggling to find info on both of these options online!