USBScope Project Status

See below for a project status for “USBScope”… if anyone wants to help out with any of these tasks (or indeed others) then please let me know :o)

Completed Tasks:

  • board received
  • board validation completed successfully
  • board up and running with latest Angrstrom image
  • build environment to hack kernel stuff up and running
  • completed EHCI port power monitoring POC (works great!)

In progress tasks:

  • looking as USB specifications and kernel drivers / tinker with debug code etc
  • consider driver architectures (e.g. all kernel space, mixed kernel space / user space)
  • investigating technical POCs:
  • would it be possible to “eject a USB device” from regular kernel and add to my proxy driver (in a similar way to VMWare when you say give this USB device to guest operating system)
  • can USB gadget pretend to be a USB hub (and then we can connect multiple devices for monitoring)
  • can selective devices on the EHCI port be attached to the proxy driver (if not, then the only only I/O to the board would be via serial console … could try SLIP but probably will be slow)

Upcoming tasks:

  • look at musb and EHCI technical manuals (if they are available) to see just how low we might be able to go.
  • think about data capture options and intelligent processing (e.g. auto-detect certain device classes, auto detect initialisation code, request / response, data transfers et al)
  • look at wireshark as it has USB stuff
  • look at other USB sniffing tools