use a "mini B" cable

The OTG controller on OMAP3 on the BeagleBoard does have support for
all the USB 2.0 speeds (LS/FS/HS) and can act as either a host or a
gadget/device. The HS USB OTG port is used as the default power input
for the BeagleBoard. It is possible to boot the BeagleBoard using this
USB port.
Since the right cables might be hard to get, you simply can

short circuit the two pins encircled in red in the image to the right.
You can do this by running a wire between the two pins. That at least
allows easier undoing the change. Actually you could even have a small
switch or so between 4 and 5.

use a "mini B" cable (easier to get) and try the soldering of the two
pins at the cable's connector. Depending on the cable it should be
possible to open the plastic covering of mini-B port with a sharp-
edged knife, then solder the two pins together, close the covering
again and use some tape. This would let BeagleBoard unmodified.

you can find more tips at wikipedia and

Hello, schrieb:

you can find more tips at wikipedia and http://www.pc24_de

Even if most of what you wrote is true and on topic it is documented elsewhere
for ages. I dislike the fact that its quite obvious that you do this only to
advertise your shop selling overpriced PCs. Obviously you own this shop and even
its search function does not find anything related to BeagleBoard.
Mentioning just "Wikipedia" as a source for some tip is as useless as the great
hint to look up information about the English language in the Oxford dictionary :wink:

Sorry for ranting, but I could not resist...



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