Use as many GPIO pins as possible on Beaglebone black

I would like to use as many GPIO pins as possible on a Beaglebone black board. I use the latest 4.14 image. I am not using HDMI, wireless, but I do need wired Ethernet and EMMC. So I have my uEnv.txt as below:

###Debug: disable uboot autoload of Cape

Here's the doc's:

To disable hdmi add:


to your /boot/uEnv.txt


Hi Robert,

I actually already disabled most function except EMMC. I probably missed the disable part when I copied my uEnv.txt. Below is the part where all functions are disabled. However, using this uEnv.txt, Pin 66-80 look like still claimed by “4a100000.ethernet” in file /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/44e10800.pinmux/pinmux-pins. These pins seem conflicting with quite a few GPIO pins on P8. Is it possible to use these GPIO pins on P8 conflicting with Pin 66-80?

Why do you think those pins are on P8? they aren't..