use BBBW I2C2 pin as gpio

Hi. I designed a custom board based on BBBW. i want to use I2C2 pin(gpio12 & gpio13) as gpio. i searched the web and find out by default this pin is defined as I2C2. i change device tree file(am335x-bone-common.dtsi) and disable

I2C2. but I2C2 is still there and i cant use it’s pin as gpio. please somebody help me.


Look to the latest-images section on the website. They have a different way to handle gpio in the form of config-pin.


P.S. For instance, if I wanted to set up GPIO on P9_xx, I would simply type sudo config-pin P9_xx gpio and that is it but you will need that IoT image or the LXQT image. Please let me know what you find.