Use Beagleboard xM As Media Server

My wife wants to display her flower pictures (of which she has thousands) on our TV and I have thought to myself that the Beagleboard xM can do this job easily. Has anyone tried doing this with an LCD TV? The idea is to take RAW or JPG images and display them, one by one, on the TV screen. I'm wondering if this can be done at 720p or better resolution.

Thanks for any tips.

Bob Cochran

What distributive do you use?

To set 720p resolution you need to issue a command in u-boot:
setenv dvimode hd720

Then you can use eog or other utility to show pictures.

2010/11/29 Bob Cochran <>

Not all TVs work right away - if yours doesn’t, you may need to play with the timings and resolution.

You might look into XBMC, which has a slideshow feature (and would also give you the option of watching movies, listening to music, etc).

Good luck & let us know how it turns out! I’m going to be working on a similar project soon.