use I2C2 pins and have capes at the same time

This question is about the Beaglebone (or Beaglebone Black) with Kernel 3.8 (using device tree).
I need to use the I2C2 pins for the DCAN0 port and have an LCD cape installed at the same time.
Because I2C2 pins are used to read the capes EEPROM for the auto-detection, I want to override the capes that I want to use.
Does this idea sound reasonable?
How can I disable the I2C2 based EEPROM reading done by capemgr? can I overlay these pins to use the DCAN0 port?

Try using the method as described in this wiki:

I’m sure you can do this through the uEnv.txt file but I’m unsure of what exactly you have to type in.