User Interface Development Software for Linux

Hi everyone!

I would like to know, What is the most used and easiest development
software in order to make User Interfaces Applications with the Beagle
Board in Linux?
I just need to add buttons, forms, maybe images and rarely videos. I
know about QT but I think there migth be better tools.

Thanks in advance.

I think the easiest thing would be to do your UI as a web-page had have
simple web-server running/communicating with your program on localhost.

This *is* overpowered, eats resources line there is no tomorrow, but if
you have to get to get things done fast it is unbeatable.


Take a look at gtk+ as well. It is easy to to create windows
with many features.

IMHO QT is very understandable and you will find a lot of examples on the web. Moreover there is free Qt-creator to make things easier

2011/3/18 djlewis <>