Userbutton pression GPIO

Is there any way to simulate the pression user button in the
BeagleBoard xm?
Maybe using GPIO 4 or the /dev/input/event0?
What I would obtain, is a simple script or a C program, that I can use
in order to reset the BeagleBoard xm as I pressed the user button.

Thanks for the help!!

You can reset the board by pressing the RESET button :slight_smile:

2010/11/30 karminet <>

Of course!

I do not want to press the button!

shutdown -r now ?

It could be a solution, but it is not what I want to do.

I want to use the GPIO interface or the /dev/input/event0 in order to
simulate the pression.

You need to assign a GPIO to output mode, and
solder a transistor in parallel to the Reset button.

Please make sure that the transistor is not turned
on after reset by choosing the proper default state
and pullup/down of the BGA ball (see TRM).

Then, you can switch the GPIO to output and
trigger a "key press".

Or, you can analyse what shutdown -r now is doing
in the kernel...

I will try!

My real problem is that if I plug the OTG usb cable and I do a reboot
or a shtudown, the kernel will not restart and the booting will stop

Uncompressing Linux......................................

Instead, if I press user button or reset button, the kernel start
correctly even the usb OTG is already plugged in.

That's why I need to simulate user button pression.

Maybe it would be more usefull to simulate a reset, instead a reboot.