Using 4 serial ports and a usb to VGA. Is possible?

HI friends, im a newbie, still don’t get my beagle bones black boards from digikey.

For a project i will ned 4 serial ports, i already see i must forget to use HDMI if choice that option. I need also to show on a display data and also allow me interact in a easy way with my program.

Is possible , somebody already try, connect a usb to via adapter and use this as main display? What changes are needed to disable cdmi and set this as main display? Any via adapter tested?

Any other options?

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use usbserial adapter. i think it’s easy.

display over usb, maybe slowly.

Pick up a 4 port usb-serial adapter such as:

Then you don't have to worry about a usb-hdmi device..


Is a perfect solution. Thank you!
Im just trying to understand if usb port is accesible on the GPIO port and allow me, in some way, to design a cape for internal use. My idea is avoid a external usb cable, just lug the beagle bone on the sister board and connect beagle bone usb to serial ports usb , no external wire. Is that possible?

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Is posible to get on P8 or P9 usb signals? I plan to integrate the CP2108 on a cape board, will not use the SUDB connector, but can’t find the USB signals on this connectors.

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Nope, just do it like everyone else:

get a small usb-usb cable and have the cp2108 on your board..