Using bbb to send video from usb camera and getting it on display without ethernet help me out any1

I am working with beaglebone black if any one help me to find how can i send the video from a usb camera to beaglebone black board and get the given video to a monitor or some lcd screen what are things i can do to get the exact output without internet?

Support me with some technical details please
with software prefabble and also hardware changes what is going to be made

Assuming you’ve an HDMI monitor and mouse/keyboard hooked up to your BBB, start a terminal window and run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install gpicview fswebcam
fswebcam -r 640x480 pic.jpg ; gpicview pic.jpg

Should get you started.

But I’ve had no luck with HP-3110 or Hp-2200 usb webcams with or without a powered hub on my A5A BBB, issues in the UVC driver gives me only blank or distorted frames.

Both USB webcams cameras work perfectly on a Raspberry Pi2. Since a Pi2 costs a bit less than the only “known working” Logitech webcam I’m aware of, I’ve ordered another Pi2 for this project.