using bdi2000

I am trying the kernel using jtag and a BDI2000

I am following the beagleboard web page

the beagle board boots ok from mmccard as shown on the minicom

then I connect gdb to the bdi2000 using target remote
(gdb)file vmlinux loads the symbols OK

(gdb)load vmlinux fails with
(gdb)Loading section, size 0x24 lma 0x0
(gdb)Load failed

Any ideas about what I am doing wrong, I should be able to load the
file from gdb.
no error messages are shown on the telnet console connected to the
I can load the file using load 0xc0008000 vmlinux binary at the telnet
Thanks Chris


I don't know what that error messages it telling you. You could first
try to debug a kernel loaded from
mmc. so after the "file vmlinux" try "c" to confinue, and break again.