Using beaglebone as usb host and device.

Hello, i bought a beagle bone and i need to use it as a USB host and device.
any ideas on how to do it? I want to configure my beaglebone with a file via usb using my PC and blink a led in another board that is a USB slave.
it needs to be via usb

i saw it has
“Single USB 2.0 type A host port
Dual USB hub on USB 2.0 type mini-A OTG device port
On-board USB-to-serial/JTAG over one shared USB device port
Storage-over-USB or Ethernet-over-USB on other USB device port”
Can i use this OTG? I have android ported to it


Hi Andre,

AFAIK, the 'bone has to USB ports.

The first is a mini A OTG device, which gives access to an onboard hub with the Ethernet/UMS and FTDI/JTAG
The second is a host A port.

My guess is that you can use the mini-A port (in UMS or Ethernet mode) to configure the board from a host machine, and hook your LED device board to the A port. Of course, you will have to include USB host features in your Android image.