using BeagleBone LCD7 Cape with 16bit ADC for I2C BUS

I need to use a 16 bits Analog to digital converter for I2C bus, and the i2c2_scl and i2c2_sda is used to LCD 7" pannel.
I can’t run the i2c1_scl 12c1_sda using i2cdetect, and my question is if it’s possible to use the same I2C bus (i2c2_scl and i2c2_sda) for LCD 7" and for ADC at the same time.
If it’s no possible, how is the steps to activate the i2c1??
Thanks very much.

i2c2 which is used for LCD is configured in I2C mode? if in I2C you can use it.
For enabling I2C1 check out board init file.

I don’t know if i2c-2 for LCD is configured in i2c mode, because I have still no the touchscreen here. I hope to use this i2c-2 to my ADC at the same time.

2012/5/28 Nikhil Varghese <>

You do realize that I2C is a bus, no?

Yes I use the i2c for the ADC as a bus, but I don’t know if the pannel use the i2c as a bus too or not.
I make this question because I 'm not sure.

2012/5/29 Koen Kooi <>

I have to design a new PCB with the i2c-2 bus before receiving the touch pannel, and I need to make sure what I’m doing is in the correct way.
Thanks in advance.

2012/5/29 Ramon Benavent <>