Using cape outline

Making a cape and trying to use adafruit eagle library with cape outline. No clue on how to use the outline. Anyone else used this before? Don’t see it in the library either.

I just started with a cape design. the basic cape is in both the
adafruit and sparkfun eagle libraries though each has a different take
on it. If you don't see it in the library first thing check if that
library is enabled in eagle. you can also view what parts are in a
library. it's probably also worth your time to make sure you have the
latest versions of the libraries from sparkfun and adafruit installed
as well as other libraries you intend to use. from there just add the
cape as a part in your design and start connecting to it as if it's
simply another part of the schematic. that ought get you started.


I’ll give that a shot. Don’t see a cape in the Adafruit library even though I have the latest.