Using CUPS to print pdf in BBB-Angstrom


I am new to using BBB and Angstrom. What I would like to do is print a pdf file from command line.

I have installed ‘cups’ package. With this I am able to add a printer using ‘lpadmin’ command. But when I try to print a text file or pdf file, it says "Unsupported format ‘text/plain’ or ‘application/pdf’. I might be missing some dependency package or something. Kindly help to sort out the issue.

I have tried installing ‘ghostscript’ but it didn’t work.

When trying to install ‘libcupsys2-dev’ and ‘cups-filter’ using opkg, it says ‘unknown package’.


Ison Thomas

I tried to install cups-filter from source. The following error shows up : configure: error: Required cups-config is missing. Please install CUPS developer packages. How to install this in Angstrom BBB