Using Debian Image 2016-05013 Slots does not show HDMI nor EMMC capes

I start a newly downloaded Debian and the HDMI is running. I checked the uEnv.txt file and there is no line to tell it to load the dts file for the HDMI yet the HDMI is operating since I can see the desktop on the HDMI monitor.

I cat slots and get,

debian@beaglebone:/sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr$ cat slots
0: PF---- -1
1: PF---- -1
2: PF---- -1
3: PF---- -1

but there is no indication of HDMI loaded.

I can turn off the HDMI by modifying the uEnv.txt file,

##BeagleBone Black: HDMI (Audio/Video) disabled:

and sure enough the HDMI display is blank.

I have two questions,

  1. Why does the HDMI not show up in slots,
  2. How does the HDMI get loaded if it is not enabled in the uEnv.txt file.
    Obviously I am missing something but can’t find anything online to help me.
    Any help would be appreciated.

Starting with v4.1.x and then up...

I didn't bother separating out the eMMC/hdmi, as the mmc layer was
broken when loaded as an overlay in v4.1.x

So the defaults mirror what mainline does, eMMC/hdmi are enabled by default.