Using DNS while running internet over USB on BBB

I’ve been successful in getting my host computer to talk to the BBB using the Ethernet over USB. (i.e. ssh from the host). My host is running Ubuntu 12.04 and has been set up for IP masquerading. The Black is running the 3.8 kernel and Angstrom.

From the Black I can access the internet though my host (i.e. ping works), However I’ve been unsuccessful in getting DNS to work. (i.e. ping doesn’t work).

I can see the connman interface for the hardwired Ethernet port, but I don’t see anything for the Ethernet/USB connection.

How do I go about setting up DNS on the Black Bone so it can access the world through my host?

(The old trick of adding a nameserver entry in /etc/resolv.conf doesn’t work since we’re running connman.)

If I hook up the hardwired Ehternet port all is well (i.e. ping does work), but that option isn’t available.


Hi Mark -

The USB ethernet interface doesn’t seem to use connman on my BBB (Angstrom 2012.12). I’ve set /etc/resolv.conf to and DNS works fine. When using the ethernet adapter - I need to use connman set-nameserver.

Each time the device boots, I need to replace the nameserver config.

Are you able to ping okay?


I have it working now. I think the problem is that on campus we can’t use off campus DNSs (, and off campus you can use the campus servers. So I now have a script that checks where you are and an then sets up /etc/resolv.conf accordingly.