Using DSP in beagleboard


Is there anyone tried to develop an application which use both the DSP and ARM side of the BB?

I’m planning to make an application with huge calculation. The main idea is to execute the algorithm in the DSP and return the result to the ARM side program.

Has anyone know how to do this?

Or anyone can tell me where can I found resources to develop this kind of application step by step?

I’m new in DSP link, and have no idea how to start.

Thanks & Best regards !!

Here is a quick howto for DSP bridge:

TI is providing some examples in the omapzoom site:

I don't know about the DSP link.

Hi I am starting to work on this part as well... You can find a good
amount of information in the omap zoom project wiki. Also, there are
some sample applications that come along with the binaries which you
could play around with.


Hi all,

I have beagle board for two weeks and have been playing with it. My
board were working so well until today. I have tested it before (at the
first time just after shipment) and were trying to discover openembedded
and angstrom secrets on beagle... Today suddenly while BB was running
linux "top" command (this is my prefer to leave it idle mode before try
some new applications on it) it has reset. Than again and again. Power
led were flashing asynchronously. I power off it by unplugging my USB
cable that connected from laptop to BB. But after i try to connect them
power led on the BB is flashing and the flashing interval not same... It
is changing so it is a very asynchronous process and sometimes after
that it is succeed in booting but when i spent some time on linux it is
resetting again and again...

Is there any idea? My BB is REV5 and i dont use usb hub just laptop and
BB.. I have tried to connect it to some desktop pcs and laptops but the
behaviour of BB is same all time... I think the power structure is
broken but why???
Why power has gone after a working two weeks without any problem?

Thank you very much for ideas and reply...

Best Regards,
Serkan Erdogan

The power LED only indicates that power is applied and will turn on if the voltage is around 4V coming in from the USB, which by default, should be 5V. If this LED is flashing, then the power is being removed and reapplied by the USB circuitry on the USB source, in this case the laptop. There is nothing on the board that could cause the LED to cycle on and off.

Which specific LED is flashing? Are you sure it is the power LED?

Have you tried running the board via the DC power jack?

How much power is being consumed by the board? This can be measured by placing a voltmeter across J2.


Dear Gerald Coley,

First of all i want to thank you for your reply. I am sure that the
power LED (D5) is cycling ON and OFF so there is a problem in the power
circuit of my BB.

After i read carefully the BB rev5 hardware manual for trying to
localize the error cause, i decide that the TPS73701 IC is not working
properly because the input of it is 5VDC (coming from USB BUS or DC
external power, it doesn't matter what is) and the output is changing
between nearly 2.5V and 1.2V. The input of this IC is very stable (5VDC
) but the output is oscillate in the period...

And as an answer to your second question; There is a variable voltage
over R6 (current sensing resistor ) resistor of course:) When the
output of TPS73701 (VBAT) is over the threshold of power led the LED
is cycleing ON and the voltage of R6 is reaching to maximum 3.5mV and
nearly 0mV othervise, it is oscillating too..

When i leave BB connected to pc for 2-3 minutes with it's cycle ON-OFF
game, sometimes the "cycle ON" voltage on the VBAT line is reaching to
the required level (threshold of TWL4030) for a few seconds (1-2
maximum) and so i see the first boot message on the terminal "Texas
Instruments X-Loader 1.41" but after that tps73701 is lowering the VBAT
voltage and another power off cycle is beginning:(

I think the best and quickest thing is changing the tps73701 but i want
to get the ideas of you and other hardware specialists in this list.

Thank you very much for interest and reply.

Best Regards,
Serkan Erdogan

Gerald Coley wrote:

As the designer of the board, I recommend that you request an RMA. It could be that the TPS73701 has been damaged in some way. Return the board and they will take a look at it. They will be interested to know as well, if the board operates with the DC supply. I suspect that they will ask you to do this.