Using NVMe SSD with BBB?

Has anyone attempted using an SSD card like the NVMe interface cards from Samsung EVO?

I would love to be able to use storage that is more reliable than SD cards.

I have been using a USB-to-SSD for about 6mo, no issues, just need to use external power to power BBB.
As for the NVMe cards, I’ve heard it’s a hit/miss on getting the USB-to-NVMe to work reliably. Plus these converters are somewhat more expensive than the ones for SSD.

Thank you! That is good to hear. I have not tried USB-to-SSD yet but that is next on my list. Nikon used to make micro hard disks which were the same size as a Compact Flash drive. It would be fantastic is we had more options on the BBB so I am continuing to explore.