using OTG port on beagleboard as host only works once per power cycle

I can connect a USB device (in my case a FT232BL) to the OTG port on the
beagleboard (using a mini A to standard B cable) and it works fine the
first time. However if I unplug the cable and plug it back in then it
doesn't work. Testing with a multimeter the device does not appear to be
receiving USB power. The beagleboard is running debian lenny (not sure
which kernel right now but i'll check when I have access to it again).

This isn't a showstopper for my application but it can be annoying

I raised this issue on the debian-arm list and someone told me he had
"found the same problem with linux 2.6.32 from Angstrom distribution."
and suggested that I contact a beagleboard mailing list.

Any thoughts on this? should I file a bug report and if so where?

I'd really try a later kernel, in the last few there's been quite a
few musb changes..

big change, serial console is ttyO2 vs ttyS2..

but i believe it's a known musb bug, as a work around i've always left
a cheap usb flash drive in a hub, then insert/remove my device


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