Using PRU on 4.1.20-bone-rt-r20 - Failed attemps

What am I trying to achieve?

1. The directory tree in /sys/class/uio is empty, software loading firmware into PRU

exits with SEGFAULT:

That is the real hint. The uio pru driver module is not loaded. So any attempts to use said files or directory structure is going to fail . . .

I’d have to say that something is wrong with you device tree file, but I’m not that good with pinmuxing in dts file so . . . I can not say one way or another. You seem to be using the correct kernel though for using the uio PRU driver. bone

Which Linux image is this ? IS this a Wheezy, or Jesse ?

Hi Silwester!

What happens when you load the kernel module manually (sudo modprobe uio_pruss)?``

Does it create the interrupts (ls -l /dev/uio*)?

If not, do you get any messages in dmesg?