Using Qemu with beaglebone images

I’d like to use Qemu to boot a a Beaglebone ARM image on my normal X86-64 desktop. I figure this will let me develop and debug the software I need without having to worry about the small disk space on the eMMC.

The software I develop can then be rsync’d to the beaglebone once everything is working.

Anyone know if there is a guide on how to do this?


"Exploring Beaglebone, 2nd Ed" (Molloy, 2019 John Wiley & Sons) Chapter
7 is all about setting up a cross compilation environment (gcc, et al)
including a section a QEMU. Also discusses setting up Eclipse as a
cross-build environment.

  NOTE: it recommends Windows users run something like Debian in Oracle
VirtualBox for this.

  As for the limited space in the eMMC? Install the OS image on an SD
card of suitable size, boot from the SD card, and run the grow_partitions
script to take full use of the card. Do your work from the SD card and save
the eMMC from frequent updates <G>

  You'll find a practical clone of the instructions in his "Exploring
Raspberry-Pi", in the same chapter even.