Using the BeagleBoard Black instead of our outdated Data Hopper and Rabbit board for central control

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I am seeking help for a project that I have spent 6 years and nearly a million dollars on. We hired an engineer to develop an all new central control irrigation system, This system that was developed was done by a person that was a communication engineer. His background mainly consisted of setting up SCADA and AMR spread spectrum radio systems. He designed this system with software and code that he was familiar with, a Citect operating system that is expensive and code writers are not as plentiful. I suggested, a system similar to what the BeagleBoard with a Linux operating system has developed, using text files to alert our clients to high flow or low flow conditions at sites we have installed our controllers at. I need help in converting our current system to a BeagleBoard and Linux system. I know that some of the code for communication and other pertinent code has been done, but there are other code that is needed but do not know who or if it has been written. I can give anyone who can respond a overview of our current system, and then that should give that person with knowledge in this field a pretty good idea of what we need and what the cost would be for someone to help me get this operation code and communication code written, and at what cost. Please Help!! Thanks,



If you aren’t sure where to go next, here is a great list of consultants with whom to start:

Many of them have been active on this forum and all have knowledge that can help you.

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We may be able to help.

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